Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Reported Missing in Mexico

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Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Reported Missing in Mexico
Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Reported Missing in Mexico
Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Reported Missing in Mexico

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Dr. Margaret Aranda has reported that an “Official Missing Persons’ Bulletin” from Mexico has been released stating that Karen Kingston has now been reported as missing in Mexico, when she failed to check out of her hotel there.

ACT NOW! Help Us Get Karen Kingston Home: Official ‘Missing Persons’ Bulletin from Mexico

by Dr. Margaret Aranda
The Rebel Patient


This is to confirm that Karen Kingston is missing. Please see below for the translation of the official bulletin, followed by more information.

For Information: See Official Bulletin and Facebook Page

Karen Kingston’s Whereabouts

Karen Kingston was officially reported to Mexican authorities today as a missing person. She was last seen on August 9th, 2023, in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

Her sudden disappearance raised concerns among family, friends, her online followers, and authorities. Despite initial efforts to locate her whereabouts, she remains unaccounted for, leaving her loved ones to seek public assistance so that she can come back home.

Karen’s Disappearance Timeline

  • On August 6th, Karen created a live stream gettr video.
  • On August 9th, she had her last known communication with her family while in the Mexican resort area of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.
  • On August 12, Karen’s brother Ron put out a family statement.
    Kuch Says
    A Statement from the Family of Karen Kingston
    The following is a statement we released last night pertaining to my sister Karen Kingston. Additional details beneath the statement. “We wish to thank everyone who has expressed concern about the health and safety of our daughter, sister, and mother Karen Kingston. Several weeks ago, Karen publicly shared that she was suffering from malaria. For informa…
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  • On August 13, Ron released a video plea from Karen’s son Gavyn.
    Kuch Says
    A Message from Gavyn to His Mom Karen Kingston
    For the past couple weeks we have been working privately to resolve a family matter pertaining to my sister Karen Kingston. Unfortunately, when some high profile individuals were wrapped in this matter, it necessitated public statements from us. Our priority continues to be the health and safety of Karen. Please watch the following statement from her so…
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  • Once it was revealed that Karen had not checked out from her hotel as previously planned, efforts turned toward a ‘missing person’ case, which garnered more authoritative cooperation but did not become official until confirmation was obtained.

Acquiring specific hotel information on Karen’s whereabouts presented with significant barriers: language, guest privacy policies, and management schedules. Confounding variables on the family’s side included such issues as not knowing the room number. The family was left with multiple, distressing hurdles that were painstakingly overcome, one after the other.

Initial Steps Taken

There was a significant and unfortunate delay in obtaining details from the hotel that allowed for the establishment of a missing person’s case.

Be advised that family and friends have been feverishly working to locate Karen and will not stop until she is home.

Seeking International Assistance

With the situation escalating, a missing person report was filed with the U.S. Embassy. In a frustrating twist, previous attempts to file within the United States were unsuccessful, as authorities believed her whereabouts were known.

However, the recent confirmation from the hotel and the urgency of the situation prompted the embassy to finally take action, ensuring that Karen Kingston is now officially reported as missing in the United States as well.

Call for Public Support

In light of these developments, a search commission has been established in Quintana Roo, with the case number CBPEOROO.

Family, friends, and authorities are urging anyone with relevant information about Karen Kingston’s whereabouts to come forward and share their insights. Any detail, no matter how small, could be instrumental in locating her.


The sudden disappearance of Karen Kingston has left her loved ones in a state of worry and uncertainty.

Karen’s case underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between individuals, law enforcement, and international agencies in locating missing persons.

As the search continues, it is imperative that anyone with relevant information step forward to assist in reuniting Karen with her family and ensuring her safety.

Read the full article at The Rebel Patient.

Why Did Karen Kingston Ask Dr. Malone to Call off the CIA?

Diana West has published an article today explaining why she believes Karen Kingston might think that Robert Malone can get the CIA to stop targeting her.

About Malone and the Intelligence Community — a subject Kingston repeatedly references — here is what he told Joe Rogan on the topic:

I’ve got many friends in the intelligence community so I’m kind of a pretty deep insider in terms of the government.”

Read the full article at

I think we can all agree that Karen needs our prayers right now, as does her family.

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