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Below is transcript of about 1/3rd of this video, centered on Richard William Huckle, Reportedly Britain’s worst pedophile . It’s horrendous.

Richard William huckle an Englishman who

works as a freelance photographer in

Malaysia and participated in the local

community before moving there

permanently in 2010. he hoped to

establish himself as a successful

photographer and build a reputation in

the community

Uncle also worked part-time for the Nike

Football Club in Malaysia but even with

such a full schedule he made time for

his crime in 2014 the police discovered

a network of pedophiles operating on a

dark web Network called The Love zone

They identified a member who always made

posts using the greeting hayats and had

a distinctive Freckle on one of his

fingers the police assumed the identity

of the member Shannon McCool and used

his website to catch other pedophiles

they rescued 85 children from ongoing

abuse they arrested hundreds of

pedophiles one of which was yours truly

due to the number of children he had

abused and the attitude of his posts the

police discovered his real identity and

alerted the National Crime agency and

huckel was arrested at Gatwick Airport

on December 19 2014.

huckle had no criminal record when the

police released him on bail under the

condition that he lives with his parents

however his mother confronted why did

they release him on bail though

the [ __ ] hell under the condition that

he lives with his parents

however his mother confronted him about

the allegations and he drunkenly

admitted to raping children aged 3 to

13. after which his parents contacted

the police and implored them to arrest


he was rearrested and charged with 91

counts damn he was denied bail by the

police and imprisoned at hmp Lewis

before being transferred to hmp he knows

[ __ ] up when you goddamn folks turn

your ass in too yeah I mean you know

what I’m saying usually a mother’s love

can go through all but nah you [ __ ]

with the kids bro you got to go you got

the gold all denied bail by the police

and imprisoned at hmp Lewis before being

transferred to hmp belmarsh in London to

away trial

at an initial hearing at the Old Bailey

in January of 2016 huckle pled not

guilty to all 91 charges which took over

an hour to read in court

during a preliminary trial hearing in

April huckle pled guilty to 71 of the 91

charges he was facing after a request to

watch all of the evidence against him in

court his victims range in age from six

months to 12 years old he boasted about

his crimes to other pedophiles bruh

the [ __ ] says six months six

months bro that’s unbelievable

I mean it’s hard it’s hard to wrap my

mind around pedophilia as a whole anyway

I just don’t understand

and nor do I want to understand that

world man but six months six months a

damn human being has been in the world

you trying to

yeah man I want to see what the [ __ ]

happened to this but they but they might

they but they better had decapitated

this fool and and uh decapitated them

cut his legs off his hands off put his

dick in his mouth yeah I mean like the

worst type burnt them alive or some [ __ ]

Bro posting such comments as quote hit

the jackpot a three-year-old girl is

loyal to me as my dog and nobody seem to

care impoverished kids are definitely

much easier to seduce than middle class

kids in the end Richard huckle was

sentenced to life imprisonment with a

minimum term of 25 years

most prolific child sex offenders

his crimes shocked the nation and his

case was widely covered by the media

but the dark story didn’t end there in

the years that followed huckle’s

conviction it emerged that he had made

plans to abuse more children in the


the true scale of huckle’s depravity was

only fully understood after his death

in October of 2019 he was found dead in

his prison cell having been stabbed to

death by a fellow inmate

the killer inmate Paul Fitzgerald was

said to have attacked as revenge for

huckle’s crimes against children

the tragic is hard to me bro I know we

we are watching this but I’m just saying

like you know in a facility full of

inmates who have been convicted of doing

the worst types of crimes bro yeah I

mean it’s a that’s a [ __ ] No-No bro

you don’t [ __ ] with the kids no matter

you know what type of situation it is

where you at who you are what what the

situation is bro yeah I mean like

prisons don’t play that [ __ ] you lead

the [ __ ] kids alone it’s a Death Wish

bro that’s just that’s tough to me

that’s tough and dark story of Richard

huckle serves as a chilling reminder of

the depths of human depravity and the

Damage that can be caused by those who

seek to harm the innocent


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