New Evidence re: Tim Ballard’s Alleged Excommunication | Ep. 1820

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Yesterday I reached out to one of my LDS bishop contacts to see if Tim Ballard still showed up as an active member in the "Tools for Leaders" web application. Today we will be sharing what they captured (child info redacted). Tim is no longer listed as head of household for his family. We will also provide a few more details about the Tim Ballard story and his excommunication.

Episode Show Note:

00:03:15 Disclaimers
00:06:50 “Outing” Katherine Ballard
00:09:20 The main defense of the Ballards
00:14:25 Tim Ballard was excommunicated
00:20:30 Tim Ballard’s stake information
00:26:00 Mark Stott worked for OUR
00:34:50 Background for the main piece of evidence
00:41:20 LDS Tools now shows Katherine as Head of Household
00:47:05 Second piece of breaking news
00:56:20 Blog – Investigations in ritual abuse
01:00:00 How Tim Ballard explained the sexual allegations
01:05:12 Analysis on this news and evidence
01:05:12 Analysis on this news and evidence
01:09:40 Tim Ballard issued a response
01:12:40 Tim says he is a member in good standing
01:18:30 Handbook says there needs to be a conviction before an excommunication happens
01:23:50 Why no official statement over Tim Ballard?
01:30:15 Handbook – Purpose of Church Membership Restrictions or Withdrawal
01:32:22 Handbook – Serious Sins that are not confessed or are denied
01:38:30 Handbook – The Severity of the Sin and Church Policy
01:41:40 Handbook – How the church defines Sexual Immorality
01:43:55 What is NOT on the list
01:46:28 Handbook – When a Membership Council is Required
01:49:00 Child abusers in the Mormon church are not excommunicated
01:52:40 Disciplinary Councils that are optional – murder, sexual abuse, etc.
01:59:45 Handbook – Obtain Statements from Victims
02:02:43 Handbook – If the member denies the misconduct
02:04:05 Handbook – Why someone would get excommunicated
02:08:44 Why Tim Ballard was likely excommunicated
02:09:35 First Presidency has final say
02:17:40 Excommunication hurts the Mormon Church


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