New Allegations against Tim Ballard – Vice News Reporters Anna Merlan and Tim Marchman | Ep. 1814

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In this interview with hosts John Dehlin and Gerardo Sumano, Tim Marchman and Anna Merlan discuss the controversies surrounding Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). They explore the origins of Vice News stories, scrutinize responses from Tim Ballard and the Mormon Church, and delve into troubling allegations against Tim Ballard. These include inappropriate behavior toward women and his association with M. Russell Ballard's name in connection with OUR.

The discussion reveals the challenges of responsible journalism when tackling sensitive topics like human trafficking. Marchman and Merlan highlight the complexities of undercover trafficking investigations and question the legitimacy of Tim Ballard's mission.

This interview emphasizes the need for transparency and thorough investigation when handling allegations that could impact organizations dedicated to combating human trafficking. It underscores the importance of rigorous journalistic practices in evaluating complex and sensitive subjects.

Episode Show Notes:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:12:35 Ward Radio Clip
00:16:40 Where did the story come from?
00:24:11 Why we wont show the exact email
00:28:40 Was this done by design?
00:36:45 Vice News is being dismissed as anti-Mormon and p*dophiles
00:41:48 Tim Ballard response to Vice News’ article
00:45:35 ABC4 News Clip
00:48:00 Tim Ballard is challenging the Mormon Church
00:50:10 Tim Ballard made a NEW statement yesterday
00:52:35 Sexual allegations of Tim Ballard
01:02:30 Are they trying to smear a good man?
01:07:35 This is insulting to the women in this situation
01:09:30 Why would Tim need to ask these women to perform these acts?
01:12:17 Tim Ballard’s methods that might make these women afraid to speak out
01:15:20 There is no criminal investigation going on here
01:15:50 Did Tim Ballard use M. Russell Ballard’s name in these sexual allegations?
01:23:40 The incident with Paul Hutchinson
01:27:22 The article describing the incident with Paul – trigger warning
01:29:33 How the OUR undercover trafficking investigation works
01:32:30 Continuing to read the article
01:33:50 Hutchinson’s “Zero Reservations” about undercover work
01:35:00 The Government DOES make effort and has organizations to fight trafficking
01:38:08 Did Paul Hutchinson turn on Tim Ballard?
01:40:15 Why was the federal investigation shut down?
01:43:23 Clip of Tim Ballard – President Ballard as grandparent
01:49:10 Painting of man carrying child on railroad
01:53:24 Clip of Tim Ballard – no business deals with M. Russell Ballard
01:56:33 The relationship between Tim Ballard and M. Russell Ballard
02:03:45 Nephi and the Psychic
02:11:00 Did M. Russell Ballard know that Tim Ballard was using a psychic?
02:18:50 We are in a time where facts really matter
02:34:00 Questions and Answers with John Dehlin


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