Mormon Church Condemns Tim Ballard | Ep. 1813

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Join us as we delve into the recent condemnation by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad. The Church has distanced itself from Tim Ballard, citing unauthorized use of its name and activities deemed morally unacceptable. This condemnation adds a new layer to the controversy surrounding him, with implications for his potential 2024 U.S. Senate run.

Episode Show Notes:

00:01:56 Grounding and intentions
00:06:30 Clip of Tim Ballard reacting to the Church speaking out
00:11:33 Disclaimer: We stand against abuse of any kind
00:18:25 concerns many have with Tim Ballard
00:28:42 Fox 13 News Clip
00:36:15 Events from last week
00:44:42 ABC 4 News Clip
00:46:29 Reading the Vice Article
00:56:15 Tim Ballard’s Response
00:59:50 Back to the Clip – Telling people to film this
01:08:30 Did you ever hear a condemnation of Lori Vallow or Chad Daybell?
01:10:00 Where your condemnations are, there will your heart be also
01:23:25 How big the involvement was with the apostle with OUR
01:25:16 Apologists reactions
01:37:40 Denial is a common reaction
01:40:00 Russell Brunson reactions
01:54:16 Ward Radio (aka Midnight Mormons) Clip
02:19:00 The Churches biggest lie of all
02:25:00 M. Russell Ballard himself supported Tim Ballard
02:30:40 [What an honest church would do]
02:32:10 False Claim: What business?
02:24:35 Clips from Lynn Packer
02:48:53 Clip of Tim Ballard’s line of supplements
02:51:40 Tim Ballard's millions of dollars
03:04:50 The church needs to step up and make that statement
03:07:55 The Mormon angle with Tim Ballard
03:10:00 The Church is not stamping down these harmful teachings and people
03:13:14 Has Tim Ballard received the Second Anointing?


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