COVID “Vaccine” Injured Muslim Man Learns COVID was a Scam and Meets Jesus of the Bible as he Begins to Heal

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COVID “Vaccine” Injured Muslim Man Learns COVID was a Scam and Meets Jesus of the Bible as he Begins to Heal
COVID “Vaccine” Injured Muslim Man Learns COVID was a Scam and Meets Jesus of the Bible as he Begins to Heal
COVID “Vaccine” Injured Muslim Man Learns COVID was a Scam and Meets Jesus of the Bible as he Begins to Heal

“Isa al-Masih” is Arabic for “Jesus Christ” and “Injil” is Arabic for “Gospel (Good News) of Christ” written with English characters.

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Today I am publishing the real life story of a man who lives in a Muslim country, was fooled into believing that COVID was real and therefore received two doses of the Pfizer COVID shots, was injured by those shots, and then began to go online searching for the truth.

In his search he found many of the dissenting doctors who provided the other side of the COVID shots, and his research led him to Health Impact News, where I have continually published articles about the dangers of religions, ALL religions including Christianity, which led him to start studying the Bible, something he had never done before as a Muslim, having only been taught the Quran. He wanted to learn the truth about the historical person of Jesus Christ.

Islam acknowledges the historical person of Jesus Christ, as well as the writings in the Bible, which predate Islam and the Quran.

But their view of Jesus, who is referred to as “Isa” in Arabic and the Quran, are very different in the Quran from how Jesus is documented in the New Testament (Injil in Arabic) portion of the Bible. Most Muslims are taught that Jesus did NOT die on the cross and did not rise up from the dead three days later, as is clearly taught in the New Testament.

And although Islam teaches that the Bible is the Word of God, they believe that the Bible today has been changed, and that we do not have the true Bible any longer.

Therefore, very few Muslims ever read the Bible to see what it says for themselves.

And I want to clear up one grave misconception that many Christians and Westerners have about the Arabic language, the language of the Quran, which is a very old Semitic language that has existed for literally thousands of years before Islam even started.

Many Westerners believe, incorrectly, that certain Arabic words are only for Muslims, such as “Allah”, the word for “God”.

This is not the case, as Arabic translations of the Bible predate Islam by over 600 years, and those translations use “Allah”, and have used that word for “God” for thousands of years.

There is a Middle Eastern grocery shop where I go sometimes, owned and operated by Syrian Orthodox Christians, whose native language is Arabic. I was in that shop about a week ago, and I was discussing this issue with the woman who was running the store that day. Her family and the entire Syrian community in the area came to the U.S. from Syria.

She told me that her son came home from school recently, and complained to her that they were using the word “Allah” at church, because he was told that “Allah” was the name of the “Muslim God,” a very common belief in the U.S. She had to correct him and point out that their people, Orthodox Christians, were using that Arabic word for God long before Islam even started.

So why am I publishing this man’s story today?

I am publishing it for two main reasons:

First, as an indictment against American Christianity and American Christians who believe that all Muslims are evil people, and even worthy of mass murder and genocide, as we are seeing EVERY SINGLE DAY right now in Palestine, as many American Zionist Christians cheer the deaths of these Palestinians, many of whom are children.

Why would anyone with a Muslim background ever want to consider reading the Bible and learning what the Bible teaches about Jesus, when Christians are hell-bent on demonizing and destroying them because of their religious association?

If I had taken this non-Biblical view of Zionist Christianity in my writings, this man would probably never have found the truth that I publish that one does NOT need to convert to Christianity to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

But today, this man has now been born into the spiritual seed of Abraham through his faith in Jesus Christ, and that is all that matters to him now, even as he stands completely alone in his country with no friends or family members who share his faith. He has no need nor any desire to “convert” from one religion to another.

Secondly, I am publishing this today for all our Muslim readers who read our articles, to let them know that they do NOT need to convert to Christianity to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to read the Injil, the New Testament portion of the Bible, and learn about Jesus Christ directly from the Bible.

In many Muslim countries it is forbidden to read the Bible, and the penalty under Muslim law for converting out of Islam is punishable by death in many Muslim countries.

But anyone can now read the Bible thanks to the Internet, and I have been recommending for years that people download electronic Bible programs that allow one to read the Bible in many different translations and languages. The one I recommend and use is e-Sword.

More info here:

Should You Read the Ancient Bible? Is The Bible Accurate or Corrupted?

And I am also very happy to state to all of our Muslim readers, that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONVERT TO CHRISTIANITY to know Jesus, and become his disciple.

You can just start reading the Bible for yourself, as Abdulah did. (For security purposes, we are withholding the identity and location of Abdulah.)

As I have gotten to know my new brother in Christ the past couple of weeks, I have observed his excellent command of the written English language, which is his second language, and I asked him to consider documenting his story.

After praying and considering carefully whether or not he should do this, he agreed.

I Wanted to Read the Source Document that Recorded Jesus’ Life and Teachings

by Abdula

I was born and raised as a Muslim in a country where Muslims are the majority by a large margin. My parents came from families that observed Islamic law.

They didn’t even know each other before their marriage, which was arranged by their families.

We prayed five times a day, fasted during Ramadan, and as the head of the household my father paid the zakat al-fitr (tithe) every year. My parents sent us to religious and Quran reading classes.

I knew the Christian religion existed, and that it was one of the three Abrahamic religions other than Islam and Judaism. I also learned that non-Muslims are called kafir (infidels). But that was about it.

My childhood was as normal as any other kid’s growing up in the 80s and the 90s. On TV we had Sesame Street, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and Japanese cartoons. Most afternoons were spent outside with other kids my age.

By adulthood I was barely practicing Islam. I had my own prejudices about religion, the usual amount as any other average person. I didn’t know anything about Jesus except what’s portrayed by Hollywood in TV and movies.

Then a lot of things happened and I decided to read the Bible to get to know Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

In the summer of 2023, I was following some of the medical doctors who did not take the mainstream view of the COVID vaccines. I came across the works of Dr. Suzanne Humphries, and read her book, Dissolving Illusions. I also watched a few of her videos, which had been removed from YouTube.

This led me to Health Impact News, and I read this article: “Eyes of the Devil” – The REAL Documentary that Exposes the Horror of Child Sex Trafficking.

That was the first time I had heard about this topic, and I spent the rest of the day reading other articles on the Health Impact News website.

Among the articles I read was this one: Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order, where it linked to a 5-hour documentary presented by an Australian named Altiyan Childs.

I stayed up late trying to watch it until the end, but only managed to watch halfway through. By 2 a.m. in the morning I had to stop since my eyes had become blurry from being in front of my computer too long. Plus I had an appointment for an eye checkup the next morning, and I didn’t want to miss it.

The next day I continued watching the documentary until the end.

Trying to Make Sense of COVID

It all makes so much sense now. The whole picture of events that took place since early 2020 finally came together for me.

The whole COVID theater: from the government’s initial indifference during late 2019 and early 2020 when news started coming from China, to the sudden lockdowns by spring of 2020, the closing down of businesses deemed not “essential”, social distancing, masking, handwashing, contact tracing efforts, and all other supposedly scientific measures taken in the name of ending COVID.

They were also supposed to be temporary, just a few weeks, maybe a few months tops.

Then came the news about the COVID vaccines. We were promised that things will go back to “normal” when enough people take them, as then we’ll all go back to our usual schedules.

During this time I didn’t really bother to dig up any further information about COVID. I thought that all the information I needed could be found from local and government news outlets supplemented with news from big media corporations in the US.

I spent most of my free time during 2020 catching up on TV shows, movies, and books I intended to read. During this time the destructive impact of COVID measures was becoming clearer to me. Many small businesses had to close down in our country, especially those roadside vendors and small shop owners who depend on foot traffic.

A lot of people lost their jobs, and many couldn’t pay their rent. There were people who ended up needing to get help from food banks.

I looked online and saw citizen-driven initiatives to help those in need. I didn’t see the politicians, whether local, state or national level, doing anything for their constituents. I couldn’t believe that they would just sit and do nothing during this trying time.

This further justified my loss of trust in the voting system. I didn’t even vote during the last national elections.

Taking the Pfizer Shots and Learning About Vaccines

By July of 2021 my turn came to get vaccinated. By this time, I thought that it was about balancing the risk of getting COVID against the risk of taking the vaccine. I still didn’t look further into the risk I was taking, nor did I suspect anything wrong with it.

By the end of August I had my two shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech’s BNT162b2 vaccines. I didn’t experience any immediate side effects from taking them. I thought COVID was out of sight and out of mind now that I’d had my vaccinations. Now it’s time to get back to normal life as it was before all this, I thought.

It was 2022 when I realized that events which were unfolding before me were unbelievable. And it wasn’t just happening in my country. What was happening in the USA which was visible from this side of the earth through the Internet, was also happening in other countries as well.

In Australia they had something like a concentration camp for COVID positive patients. In New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden made the statement that the government shall be the single source of truth.

I had missed all these when they were happening. I also later learned about the whole hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin debate.

I was continually online during the time they were implementing the COVID measures, but only for TV shows, movies, music, and memes instead of news.

All this led me to start finding alternative sources of information regarding COVID and what was going on. I stumbled upon a few local Telegram groups, and a number of medical doctors who sounded the alarm even at the start of COVID.

All in all I had almost 30 bookmarks on my browser as sources for COVID news. I skimmed through the list almost daily and started reading not just about COVID, but also the history of vaccination.

This was how I found Dr. Suzanne Humphries’s books and videos. I was “late for class” and had a lot of catching up to do! It wasn’t easy to go through the deluge of information that I found, to separate facts and figures from opinion. I spent a few months going through what I could; articles, books, video presentations.

I didn’t necessarily understand all of it, especially the technical articles and video presentations. I also couldn’t make sense about any of the claims made about the origin of the disease.

I developed a rough understanding of the untold “alternative” history of vaccination, and its alleged efficacy since the time of Edward Jenner and Jonah Salk of smallpox, measles, and polio vaccination programs that’s the opposite of the revered historic success of such programs.

I also came across the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in the United States. I watched movies such as Vaxxed and Vaxxed II which documented parents’ firsthand story about how their children were injured by vaccines and the increasing rate of autism, chronic diseases, and cancer among children, as well as the ongoing issue of excess mortality rates since the COVID vaccination program, and a lot more.

Alternative Views on COVID Suppressed

But one thing was clear: any attempt to discuss any opinion about COVID that departed from what was on mainstream media was swiftly shut down. Articles shared on social media were flagged as possible misinformation and users were advised to get their information from “official” sources.

A lot of content on the Internet was scrubbed out, and many people had their accounts deactivated. Fact checkers were on active duty “debunking” any supposed “misinformation” about COVID. Even research papers were retracted.

Big named journalists from big media outlets began becoming spokespersons for COVID vaccination. They were also involved in falsely framing the discussion into pro-vaccine vs anti-vaccine.

This to me was one of the most harmful things that could have happened. It simplified a large issue into only two, and made calm and nuanced discussions impossible. This was most visible on social media: there was no place for any kind of objective discussion; you were either a rational person supporting “science”, or you were an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist.

I began to understand how this web of collusion involving governments, media, tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, and even academia, could only be one thing: EVIL. There was no way that these people, these highly educated, very powerful people, with vast resources at their disposal from around the world, for such a long time, could work separately only to coincidentally come together to produce death, destruction of life, livelihood, and suffering at a global scale.

The magnitude of destruction was unimaginable!

Despair with Knowing the Truth

Seeing this level of evil in front of my eyes caused me to fall into despair. It was utter misery whenever I would think about the existence of evil this large.

I lost all hope; there was nothing more in life that I could look forward to. Living felt like I was walking in the vast darkness of space, where it’s the only thing around and it’s everywhere and there’s no end to it.

The realization of the size of evil that exists in this world felt like pure horror. Nothing had prepared me for this. I was having a crisis of faith. I was officially lost in the darkness.

By this time it was late Fall 2022.

COVID Vaccine Injuries and the Loss of My Health

My health has been declining since around late Spring 2022. I had trouble focusing, and the brain fog was affecting my ability to read and watch the videos I found.

I had to read slowly, sometimes multiple times. My memory was also affected, and it was hard for me to remember what I had read.

With my energy levels waning, I could barely get anything done. At one point, it got so bad that on some days I had to choose whether I wanted to do the groceries or the laundry. After doing either one, I’d be so tired, so stressed out, that I had to lie down for a few hours.

I started having trouble sleeping. I would get so anxious while falling asleep that at night I dreaded going to bed. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with intense anxiety or fear.

I would even get wiped out if I went out driving in the middle of the day. Sun exposure during midday, even as short as 20 minutes, made me feel so sick, like I was coming down with something, that I had to just lie on my bed for a few hours.

Traveling was worse. I couldn’t even drive for more than two hours before I needed to lie down and rest. At one point after returning from a 3-day visit to a friend’s place, I had to stay in bed for almost a week. It was that stressful.

Any physical effort would cause a really huge “rest deficit”. I’d get really stressed and strained, and need to lie in bed. Working out at the gym was totally out of the question.

At first it didn’t hit me, but after a conversation with a man who relayed to me his health problems that he’d had after the COVID vaccinations, it made me realize that I had been injured from the shots that I had taken.

I didn’t know what to do.

Looking for Healing from my COVID Vaccine Injuries

I started looking at writings by medical doctors that had experience treating patients injured by COVID vaccination. I also re-read some of the books and articles discussing not just COVID, but also injuries by other vaccines.

I started myself on a protocol I found. It worked, but barely. It was more palliative than curative.

Outside I may have looked slightly younger than my actual age, but inside I felt like I was 80 years old. I felt like death walking around just waiting for my time to die. I had no idea where I was going with this. This went on for some time.

Finding the Truth

Then August 2023 came. After reading a few articles on the Health Impact News website and watching the 5-hour long exposé on Freemasonry, I had found the truth I had been searching for.

Evil had been at work longer than I knew, and I now understood what this evil was against.

It was against Jesus Christ: the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I was lost and was found; I was blind, but now I could see.

From that day on I confessed my faith in Jesus Christ, that he was sent by the Father in Heaven. My faith was in his life, death, and resurrection and his second coming.

I understood that through his death, and by the sacrifice of his innocent blood, he redeemed humanity from servitude to sin.

I began to grow hopeful again. Hopeful because of what Jesus offered to anyone who believes in Him, that they would have eternal life in Heaven.

Now everything made sense!

With the Lord Jesus, everything in my life, everything that has been going on since the dawn of humanity, now made sense. Only through this lens can life be seen clearly. Only through Jesus Christ, can one go through life.

There’s no other way.

One of the first articles from Health Impact News that I read was this one: How to Determine if you are a Disciple of Jesus Christ or Not, where Brian wrote about the cost of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

This, and looking back into my whole life where I was living in utter sin like a fish out of water, filled me with the fear of God. I was awfully fearful for my soul; what would happen to me? What does the Lord have for me since I’ve been living in utter sin?

I couldn’t even think about going back to a life of sin, as my goal was to be healed from my vaccine injuries.

Reading the Bible

With what little health I had, I started reading what I could from the 8000+ articles on the Health Impact News website, and the other sites and books linked to from Health Impact News.

Most importantly I started reading the Bible. I wanted to read the source document that recorded Jesus’ life and teachings.

At first I thought it was just like any other book, and that I could just skim through it.

But that wasn’t what I found out. I realized, not just because of my health condition, but also because of the book itself, that I had to read it slowly. I read a few chapters of Genesis before starting to read the New Testament. I take the time to read a few chapters every day, and I sometimes read the same chapters a few times.

I would read from the BibleGateway online Bible, or use the e-Sword software that I installed on my laptop.

From Brian’s examples in his writings, I sometimes use the Strong Concordance that came with the software to learn the original Koine Greek words used. Sometimes I use different translations of the Bible. I also jot down what I think I understand from what I’m reading. It’s usually not much, just a one-liner.

One thing I have found out from reading the Bible, is that it calms me down. After I take the time to read it, I’ll feel calm and rested.

Day by day as I read the Bible more and more, I’ve started to lose interest in movies, TV, and comic books. I seem to have lost my “appetite” for them.

I even prefer to drive in silence rather than listening to the radio; the inane chatter and advertisements are becoming unbearable. Sure, I’ll log into my social media accounts every now and then, or go to online discussion boards.

But most of the time I’ll end up realizing there’s nothing there and leave. I now find the inflammatory comments and discussions, the supposedly funny memes, the supposedly most important current issues on these sites, much worse than boring – they’re banal. It feels like content for the sake of content.

I’m much more satisfied to just take a break and spend some time just doing absolutely nothing. Something people used to commonly do when they were tired or had nothing to do.

As I continued to read the Bible, I looked at how I was trying to cure myself. I was using mostly pharmakeia and was focused on the symptoms.

I stopped what I was doing. I got rid of most of what I was using at that time.

I looked back at the articles, books, and videos that I read to learn about the COVID theater. I realized I couldn’t possibly go through all of them, so I did what I could.

As I read the information, I tried one thing at a time.

Now I have a new regimen that I take daily that helps me tremendously. If previously I was lethargic, now I have more energy. My sleep, digestion, appetite and focus have improved.

To get my blood flowing better, I got myself a desk extension to turn my desk into a standing desk. I’m on my feet most of the time when I’m in front of my computer now, and I’ll sit when it gets tiring.

I’m not as healthy as I was previously, but at least I’m not wiped out anymore from doing simple daily chores, like doing the laundry.

And my condition seems to visibly improve day by day. I have faith that for He who is the life and the resurrection, the one who gives eternal life to believers, that something like a vaccine injury is nothing for him to cure.

How do I deal with Islam in my New Faith?

A question I had when I first decided to read the Bible, was about conversion. How do I go about converting my status from a Muslim to a Christian? It’s almost unheard of.

I began searching what I could about converting. I found a few court cases and opinion pieces penned by lawyers who had clients trying to legally convert out of Islam, and some articles interviewing former Muslims who now profess different religions, but didn’t go through the process of converting.

I thought about it for some time. After giving it some thought, I decided to not convert and become a Christian.

I realized what I was wanting to do was to change one item in the government’s official record about me. But what that record states about my religious affiliation is irrelevant.

What’s important is my faith. All I ever needed was to have faith in Jesus Christ. And I intend to know Him better.

This article: Fact Check: “Christianity” and the Christian Religion is NOT Found in the Bible – The Person Jesus Christ Is – helped me make my decision.

I don’t have to renounce Islam; what I need to do is renounce sinning.

I also decided against attending any church. With what’s documented in this article (Synagogue of Satan: Why It’s Time to Leave the Corporate Christian Church) about what’s happening in the United States, and seeing leaders of different religions here in my country supporting the vaccination program, I can’t in good faith join any church.

My decision leaves me alone. I have no one around me to talk about God, or about Jesus Christ. It makes me feel intensely lonely.

Here I am living among Muslims and unable to even to talk to anyone about my faith. I decided that the best way was to read the Bible and pray to God for guidance.

My decision leaves me with more questions than answers. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but I try my best not to worry about it.

I have faith in Jesus’ words that God teaches us directly, and that the Holy Spirit will remind His disciples of His words.

With this in my heart, I take things one day at a time.


As the Scripture says, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame.”

For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:11-13)

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