BREAKING: Tim Ballard’s Female Operatives “He Forced Us To ‘Practice’ S*x With Him”

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We dig into the shocking Blaze News "women tell-all" exposé with bombshell revelations on the disturbing behavior of Tim Ballard, the man behind Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). As the story unfolds, we'll unravel a web of deception, manipulation, and exploitation that will leave you stunned.

I explore Tim's troubling history of lies, laying bare the con-man smoke screen he's used to shield his actions for far too long. But this video isn't just about exposing wrongdoing; it's about giving a voice to the heroic women who have bravely spoken out against these injustices of sexual harassment at O.U.R. Backed by Glenn Beck's belief in these women's allegations against his former friend and business partner, The Blaze's investigative efforts unravel the shocking details of the couple's ruse, the manipulative tactics, and the devastating impact on the lives of those involved. This is a story that demands attention, accountability, and support for the victims, and we'll cover it all right here in this video.

Blaze article:

My latest on all the Tim predictions that ARE COMING TRUE:

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Time codes:
00:00 Glenn Beck and The Blaze expose Tim's behavior
5:00 Tim's past cons show his con-man smoke screen
6:15 The heroic women speak out
10:20 Glenn Beck says he believes the women
13:20 Blaze News investigates
14:40 The couple's ruse
16:10 Tim needed to sexually harass women to pose as a predator
17:20 The implausibility of the couples ruse
19:30 Tim abused the couples ruse
21:30 Forced showers and shared beds
24:00 Tim's fake tattoos
26:35 Traffickers can tell if the couple is real; sex is necessary
28:15 Tantric massages "shaft of light"
33:01 Tim made the women have s*x in training
35:45 OUR didn't even like the ruse
37:20 Everyone knows Tim's a fraud but they want the gravy train
38:40 The women live in fear
40:50 Tim was the only operative that "practiced" s*x in the office/field
42:45 If you still believe Tim's couples ruse, seek help
44:05 Women had to get naked to appear coupled to Tim at all times
47:50 ALL women to get Brazilian wax
50:30 The grooming of the women "Is there anything you wouldn't do to save kids?"
51:30 Tim bad-mouths women who wouldn't go all the way
52:30 Tim couldn't be questioned
55:10 Tim's ego, hates when women think they're smarter
57:10 Telling women to keep secret, but use this sexual charge with husbands
58:35 If they fail at practicing s*x, it'll waste donor money
59:30 Women failing at this ruse ruined past missions
1:02:25 Using Book of Mormon scripture to spiritually manipulate women into s*x
1:07:10 Bullying women into destroying evidence
1:09:00 Calculated lies to clear texts, OUR disagrees
1:12:50 OUR better support these women instead of being cowards
1:14:18 This is ILLEGAL and called sexual harassment
1:16:35 Women's marriages ending, depression, fear, blackmail
1:18:45 Paranoia of negative attention, political smear
1:21:37 Women used to put Tim on a pedestal, fear his fan base
1:22:35 Tim calls these accusations baseless inventions to destroy his work
1:23:55 Other women come forward to support Tim
1:26:35 Tim and Katherine go on Adam Corolla to defend shower ruse story
1:26:57 Tim's female operative is a Scientologist??
1:27:50 Katherine Ballard tries to hold Tim's hand on Adam Corolla
1:29:00 Tim's ruse to his wife on turning down women's sexual advances
1:31:55 Please give these women who didn't want this attention your support
1:34:40 "Tim Ballard has harassed and attacked us"
1:36:06 Women file lawsuit
1:37:10 OUR and The Blaze explain their side
1:38:50 OUR: "Tim's behavior violated company policy"
1:41:06 OUR being cowards when it comes to supporting victims of the very thing they're against
1:43:20 Closing RANT. WHY should OUR still have a good reputation after allowing this?
1:48:05 Women just wanted one thing
1:48:53 HILARIOUS "avoiding conflicts of interest" lie
1:51:10 Tim says he was ALWAYS going to step down, OUR states it was bc of sexual allegations
1:51:46 Glenn Beck's statement and calls Tim to repent
1:52:40 Let's support these women on this nightmare, outro

Video length: 1:54:21
Category: Entertainment

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